WURTON is the premier distributor of high-performance LED lighting products intended for the demands of the Automotive, Off Road & Industrial markets. Designed and engineered in the USA, our light bars are tested to take the abuse handed down in real world environments. Using the most advanced manufacturing technology available today, Wurton is unparalleled when it comes to quality and extreme off-road durability.



WURTON LED Light Bars can shine a light on your trail and reach maximum brightness within a millionth of a second. Previous to LEDs, the available lighting technology, Halogen and HID, needed almost half a second to warm-up before the bulbs reached their maximum brightness. They also required four to five time as much power (in Watts) to achieve the same lumen output as a WURTON LED light bar, resulting in a significant amp draw to your car battery. WURTON LED light bars are 85% more efficient at converting energy into light, resulting in a higher lumen output for less power. Feel free to keep the light on all night.


Your vehicle has a skid plate, rock sliders, and a roll cage for protection. Depending on how aggressive you hit the trail, you may even dawn a helmet when you ride. It should come as no surprise that WURTON LED Light bars are made from Aluminum 6063-T5 with a robust tensile strength to match the rest of your equipment. Rest assured your WURTON LED Light Bars are a well-protected investment, which means you can focus on what you do best; crawl over boulders, pass through rocky outcrops and ascend above all obstacles. When going off-road, strength isn’t an option, it is a necessity.



When we reimagined our signature light bar, we thought about the remote areas in the world where our customers use them and what they want in a final product. The feedback we received set high expectations for us to deliver and our R&D did not come without our fair share of challenges. But after countless redesigns, life tests, moisture tests, burn tests and dunk tests; we are ready to introduce one of the only true IP68 Rated LED Light bars in the industry…at a lower price point than anyone in the market. We raised the standards, not the price.


The WURTON LED Light Bar makes driving at night possible with high power LEDs bringing freedom, comfort and safety to your off-road adventure. Our signature light bars are designed to operate between 5,700 and 6,500 Kelvin, so that beginning off roaders to professional crawlers experience driving in the same light spectrum as daylight. This is how trails were meant to be seen.