Wurton, the premier manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting products, is the only Light Bar manufacturer that provides you with the secondary lens cover advantage. Each 10-Watt light bar includes 3 integrated snap-on polycarbonate lens covers, specifically designed for added protection for your Wurton LED Light bars.  The clear secondary cover protects your primary lens from rocks, sand and other debris.  The amber secondary cover provides
improved visibility in dust, fog and snow.  The black secondary cover not only provides 
additional protection, but also meets most states' 
D.O.T. regulations that require auxiliary lights to be
covered while on public streets.

To attach your lens cover:
1. Start on one side of the light bar and apply a fair amount of pressure as you make your way down to the other end of the light bar.
2. To remove the lens cover, simply grip the lip from the bottom end, and pull up.

Our Secondary Lens Cover Advantage is just another reason why Wurton is the premier manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting products.

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